Thursday 10 December – Saturday 12 December 2009 Interdisciplinary conference: HISTORICAL EPISTEMOLOGY

Institute of Philosophy, Leuven University, Kard. Mercierplein 2, BE-3000 Leuven, BELGIUM

Participation is free and open to all, but please rsvp to [email protected]


Thursday 10 December 14.00-19.00:

14.00 – 14.30: – Koen Vermeir: ‘Introduction: reflections on historical epistemology’

14.30 – 16.30: – Ursula Klein ‘Historical Ontology’ – Daniela Monaldi ‘Making, probing, and understanding’ in the laboratory: the case of Bose-Einstein Condensation”

16.30 – 17.00: coffee break

17.00 – 19.00: – Karine Chemla ‘Contextualizing and Historicizing Generality as an Epistemological Value’ – Emily Grosholz ‘Abstract and Concrete: The Importance of Method in Population Genetics’

Friday 11 December 10.00-18.30:

10.00 – 13.30: – Martin Kusch ‘Genealogy, Metrology, Historical Epistemology’ – David Hyder ‘What Are Scientific Norms? Thoughts on the Presuppositions of Historical Epistemology’

– Theodore Arabatzis ‘The memory of concepts: a subject for historical epistemology’

13.30 – 15.00: lunch break

15.00 – 18.30: – Maarten Van Dyck ‘Writing the history of the concept of inertia’ – Cristina Chimisso ‘The life of concepts: Canguilhem’s historical epistemology’ – Friedrich Steinle ‘Concepts and the historicity of epistemology and science’

Saturday 12 December 10.00-13.30:

10.00 – 13.30: – David Bloor ‘Some observations on the history of experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge’ – Paul Cortois ‘Looking for a Logic of Kinds’ – Jutta Schickore ‘Historical Epistemology and the Recent History of Integrated HPS’

Abstracts will soon be posted at: http://lipss.wordpress.com/

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