International Conference


24-26 September 2009

Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon

In Portugal, throughout its history, astronomy was developed in the context

of the mathematical sciences. During the times of Portugal’s Maritime

Discoveries, astronomical navigation was based on spherical trigonometry,

and therefore it was the mathematicians who taught astronomy to the pilots.

During the 17th century, basic notions of astronomy were taught in

mathematical courses in the University and in the main Jesuit colleges. This

tradition continued in the 18th century, so it is no wonder that one of the

most influent Portuguese astronomers during this period was the

mathematician José Monteiro da Rocha. During the 19th century the new

centres of science teaching, as the Polytechnic School in Lisbon, or the

Polytechnic Academy in Oporto, developed astronomy teaching and research in

the context of the mathematics subjects. The inheritors of these 19th

century institutions, respectively the Faculties of Sciences of Lisbon and

Oporto, upheld this tradition until the final decades of 20th century and

continued to consider astronomy as a subject to be taught in their

mathematics departments.

This Meeting aims at outlining several perspectives on the history of

astronomy in Portugal, particularly analysing its ties with mathematical

sciences and astronomy applications.

Speakers include:

Jim Bennett (UK), Michael Hoskin (UK), Sérgio Nobre (Brazil), José Chabas

(Spain), José Vaquero (Spain), Henrique Leitão (Portugal), Luís Tirapicos

(Portugal), Roberto de Andrade Martins (Brazil), Carlos Ziller Camenietzsky

(Brazil), Ugo Baldini (Italy), Heloisa Gesteira (Brazil), Fernando

Figueiredo (Portugal), Isabel Malaquias (Portugal), Pedro Raposo (Portugal),

António Costa Canas (Portugal), Helmuth Malonek (Portugal), Teresa Costa

(Portugal), Vítor Bonifácio (Portugal), Paulo Crawford (Portugal), Ana Simões


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Supported by:

Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática (SPM)

Sociedade Portuguesa de Astronomia (SPA)

Conference integrated in the Commemorations of the International Year of

Astronomy 2009