Please see details below of the History of Mathematics public lectures that Gresham College is running in May and June.
1) Maths Can Make You Fly: 23 May, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm – 
In this joint Gresham and London Mathematical Society Annual Lecture, Dr Carola Bibiane-Schonlieb will be talking about how maths can make you seem to fly, and how this can be used beyond special effects, in the reconstruction of crucial information in satellite images of our earth, restoration of MR images in molecular imaging to the renovation of digital photographs and medieval artwork.
2) Escher and Coxeter: 5 June, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm 
In this guest lecture for Gresham College, Birkbeck’s Professor of Mathematics Sarah Hart will discuss how M.C. Escher’s work often used ingenious tilings of the plane with interlocking figures such as fish and birds that could in principle extend forever. Escher could not show this on a finite picture. However, a diagram from a paper by the mathematician Donald Coxeter presented one solution which the lecturer will explore. 
Both lectures are free to the public on a first-come, first-served basis: please do let me know if you would like a seat reserved and/ or a copy of the transcripts for either one.