Department Name History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Institution Name University of Oxford

Departmental Information

Department Profile The history of science, medicine, and technology is a long-established discipline in Oxford. R. T. Gunther and Charles Singer were among the pioneers of the subject early in the twentieth century, and since the 1920s the Museum of the History of Science has housed an outstanding collection of scientific instruments and a fine specialist library. In the early 1970s, the creation of the chair of the history of science and the establishment of the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine gave the subject additional strength and allowed important new departures.
Faculty Teaching Staff Professor Pietro Corsi; Professor Frank ARNTZENIUS; Dr Jim BENNETT; Robin BRIGGS; Professor Laurence BROCKLISS; Dr Allan CHAPMAN; Dr John CHRISTIE; Dr Lawrence GOLDMAN; Dr Ruth HARRIS; Professor Mark HARRISON; Professor Peter HARRISON (Faculty of Theology; Harris Manchester College); Dr Stephen JOHNSTON; Dr Sloan MAHONE; Dr John ROCHE; Professor Emilie SAVAGE-SMITH; Dr Margaret PELLING; Dr Christopher TIMPSON; Dr David WALLACE; Dr Benjamin WARDHAUGH; Professor Steve WOOLGAR; Dr Charles WEBSTER; Dr Brian YOUNG;
Research Staff Dr Karen BROWN; Dr Neil CARRIER; Dr Sabine CLARKE; Professor Robert FOX; Dr Beryl HARTLEY; Professor John HEILBRON; Dr Margaret JONES; Professor Martin KEMP;
Areas of Expertise Scientific instruments and mathematical practice in the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, and more generally on the history of astronomy; the history of medicine; history of astronomy; early modern science; history of the life and earth sciences, the history of science as a discipline, and science and society in nineteenth-century Great Britain, France and Italy; the history of medicine; the history of disease and medicine, especially in relation to the history of war and imperialism from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries; early modern intellectual history, especially the relations among philosophical, scientific, and religious thought in seventeenth-century England; History of scientific instruments, practical mathematics and popular science from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth; medieval Islamic cartography;
Special Resources Bodleian Library and associated Radcliffe Science Library (copyright library)

Course & Degrees

Undergraduate Units Optional courses in BA in Natural Science, Physiological Sciences and Modern History.Taught
Postgraduate Courses MA or MSc of Philosophy and the Master of Science in History of Science, Medicine, and Technology; Methods and Themes in the History of Science and Technology; Methods and Themes in the History of Medicine;
Research Degrees MLitt,

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