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HoST Journal, Volume 6, Fall 2012

Communicating Science, Technology and Medicine


09 Introduction: communicating science, technology and medicine
Ana Simões

15 A vulgar Recreation
José Alberto Silva

33 Scientific “marvels” in the public sphere: Barcelona and its 1888 International Exhibition
Agustí Nieto-Gálan

64 Scientific-medical knowledge management through media communication practices: a review of two opposite models in early 20th century Spain
Carlos Tabernero, Isabel Jiménez-Lucena, Jorge Molero-Mesa

85 The ideology of popularization and the popularization of ideology
Kostas Gavroglu

Work in progress

100 The journal Brotéria (1902-2002): Jesuit science in the 20th century
Francisco Malta Romeiras


110 Los públicos de la ciencia. Expertos y profanos a través de la historia
Ana Simões

113 Science in the nursery: the popularisation of science in Britain and France
Isabel Zilhão

116 Carbon democracy: political power in the age of oil
Lino Camprubí