CALL FOR PAPERS Submission Deadline October 3, 2003 Information Technology Management in Europe Track of the 2004 Information Resources Management Association International Conference

May 23-26, 2004 New Orleans Marriott Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Kai Jakobs Margherita Pagani Aachen University Germany Bocconi University, Italy [email protected] [email protected]–


There is a difference between the European and American research traditions in information technology management. As American research tends to focus on empirical findings and sound statistical treatment of data, European research pays more attention to analytical and qualitative research, resulting in frameworks, methods, and recommendations for the management of information technology. This track provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and provoke discussions on a theoretical and methodological level. Specific European issues, such as the forming of a common market, the existing cultural and language barriers, the role of the European commission, and the position of national telecom carriers, are also welcomed.


The Information Technology Management in Europe Track encourages the submission of quality papers and panel and workshop proposals dealing with (but not limited to) the following topics:

– IT Management Methodologies – Information Policy and Planning – Knowledge Management – The Role of Architectures in IT Management – Conceptual (meta-) Modeling in IS Research – IS Development Methodologies – Knowledge Based Systems – Decision Support Systems – Executive Information Systems – Methodology Engineering – Organizational Impacts of Information Technology – IT Consequences of Transnational mergers – Information Technology in a European Market – Accommodating Language Differences in Information Systems – Complying with European Standards and Legislature – Trends in European IS Research – Experience with EC-funded Research (e.g. ESPRIT)

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