Call for Papers

International Seminar on The Emergence of Social Differences in Mortality: Time Trends, Causes, and Reactions

Since the 1980s, socioeconomic inequality in adult mortality has become a key topic for epidemiologists, demographers and policy makers. A number of studies reported a widening of socioeconomic inequalities in mortality since the 1960s and as a consequence, the study of trends in socioeconomic inequalities in mortality became an important issue. Most of these studies have a very limited time horizon making it difficult to assess the direction of the trend. This International Seminar will bring together demographers, historians, epidemiologists, and social and political scientists who are interested in long-term trends in socioeconomic mortality differences, in particularly among the adult and elderly population, and in the political and societal reactions to these differences. The focus is mainly on the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. We welcome contributions relating to a variety of settings and regions, from researchers in both developed and developing countries. Papers may be country-specific or comparative. Especially encouraged are contributions on the changes over time in the relationship between mortality, social class and gender, on the relationship between locality and social class differences in mortality, including studies using multi-level and event history models that account for temporal variations of contextual effects and papers that will account for the temporal variations of the contextual effects over long periods of time. We are interested in the mechanisms between socioeconomic position and mortality, i.e. whether the gradient is due to income and wealth, housing, education, etc. We also are interested in the way in which the academic and political world historically has stimulated research in this field and or reacted to research findings. Contributions might be based on re-analysis of published statistical data, on analyses on newly-collected information from micro-data and on more qualitative sources.

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The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Historical Demography invites researchers in the field to submit a 200-word abstract and curriculum vitae before 1 October 2007 to Frans van Poppel ([email protected]) with a copy to Madeleine Jarl ([email protected]). Abstracts must be submitted in English only and the working language at the meeting is English. Invitations to attend the seminar will be issued, based on the outcome of submitted abstracts, by 1 November 2007. Participants will be expected to submit their complete paper by 1 May 2008.

For further information, please contact Frans van Poppel ([email protected]).