There are a limited number of non-participant places available at the International Society for Intellectual History annual conference, “Models of Intellectual History”, to be held at Birkbeck, University of London, 17-20 April.

Keynote Speaker: Stephen Gaukroger

Other speakers include:

Richard Serjeantson Howard Hotson Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann Ulrich Schneider Roger Ariew Douglas Jesseph. Guido Giglioni Peter Harrison Tom Sorell Lauren Kassell Michael J. B. Allen Dilwyn Knox Sarah Hutton Stephen Clucas Ann E. Moyer Dana Jalobeanu Frances Nethercott Cynthia M. Pyle John Potts

Registration fee: £100 (includes conference dinner) + £35 membership of ISIH (includes subscription to the new journal ‘Intellectual History Review’)

To secure a place please email the conference organiser Stephen Clucas: [email protected].