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Isis turns 100!

///Isis turns 100!

Isis turns 100!

Historians of science are celebrating the anniversary of their flagship journal, Isis, throughout 2013.  Earlier this year, the History of Science Society membership was sent a survey asking for the top five articles that most shaped their careers. The results will be announced at the HSS annual meeting in Boston in November, and the University of Chicago Press will open access to those articles for all to read.  The HSS and the Press were reflecting on the journal’s history and influence over the years, and decided to let the members choose what influenced them the most. What was the journal’s role in defining the discipline? Which articles have been most influential? How have our interests changed over the last century? At the inception of Isis, George Sarton said to “set in full light every action which was really great and noble, and to look towards the future for greater and nobler things.” Let’s raise our glass to 100 years of publishing his vision, a great and noble thing, indeed.

For all 100 years of Isis issues, see http://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/journals/journal/isis.html

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