The Wellcome Trust Centre for Health, Medicine and Society is running a conference on the medical experiences of the sick poor and the attitudes, experiences and practices of the doctors who treated them over the period 1650-1900. The spatial focus will largely be on England, but contributions on Wales, Scotland and Ireland are also very welcome. It is anticipated that the core themes of the two day conference will be:

(i) The nature of medical care available to the dependent and independent labouring poor from 1650 and 1900. (ii) How the nature of medical care available to the poor and labouring poor varied between English regions and according to the socio-economic typology of the communities in which they lived. (iii) How the nature of medical care varied between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. (iv) The (medical and personal) relationships between doctors and their poorest patients. (v) The place of doctoring the poor in the career and personal histories of doctors. (vi) Feelings of pauper patients about and their responses to the medical care offered to them. (vii) Rethinking the relationship between medicine of the poor and the regional dynamics of the medical market.

We invite offers of papers on these or related aspects of ‘Medicine for the humble’. Please forward the titles of prospective papers with a short abstract to the conference organiser, Professor Steven King ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>) by 1 December 2007. The Conference is sponsored by the Wellcome trust and we anticipate covering the full costs of all of those giving papers.