This form is provided for new applicants: existing members should see the online membership renewals form.

Membership is for 12 months from the date you join.

Membership rates

Please choose the appropriate membership class and location:

Membership class Resident in Europe Resident elsewhere
Ordinary membership (first year): introductory offer available to all new members £37  £45 
Ordinary membership (first year): special offer for HSS and ESHS members. Please provide your HSS/ESHS membership number here: £24.50 £28.50
 (student/unemployed/independent scholar/retired). Please indicate your status here: £24  £29 

Notes: Student membership rate is limited to five years per member. Students and unemployed members should provide evidence of status, such as a copy of a student or entitlement card: please send this separately as a digital image to [email protected].

Gift Aid

As of 2012 we are no longer participating in the Gift Aid scheme.

Butler/Eyles Fund contribution

The Butler/Eyles Fund is maintained by members’ donations, and provides support towards the travel expenses of student members attending BSHS conferences. If you would like to make a contribution to the fund, please do so here.

Donation to the Butler/Eyles fund: £