Alice White, Viewpoint editor, writes:

“It’s roughly half-way through term for many of us – if fatigue has started to set in, then there’s no better time to settle down with the latest issue of Viewpoint, which is all about historical science at work. You could avoid “burn out” by reading a fascinating article on the origins of the notion of “burn out,” or by admiring a giant sausage and learning about the technology one might use to convey such wares around. You can read some surprising things about the spread of Newton’s ideas in Rome, and our cover article uncovers the hidden history of the “Scanning Girl.” For those of you missing the sun and the seaside, the issue also features a conference report from our annual conference in Swansea, with lots of pictures of the many events from the packed programme.

Make sure that your membership is up to date so that you can enjoy these articles, and also so that you can vote for the first Ayrton Prize winner (the deadline for votes is 26th November). The next issue of Viewpoint will feature the best Ayrton entries, as well as an article about Ayrton herself. If you’d like to contribute to the next issue and have any ideas for an article loosely themed on history of science and the digital technology or computers, get in touch via the email: [email protected]. Please also let me have any conference or grant announcements by 15th December!”