The HaPoC Council are happy to announce the new commission for the History and Philosophy of Computing of the Division for the History of Science and Technology.

For more information on HaPoC please do have a look at our new website:

We are convinced that this website should really be the dynamic result of the HaPoC community and, for this purpose, anyone interested to contribute to the website can create an account at the website. This account will allow you to post new publications, events, comments etc.  You can create an account here:

Membership to the new commission is free. If you are interested in HaPoC-related topics, please feel free to become a member by filling out the following form:

If you would have any more questions, suggestions, ideas, etc please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected],

my very best wishes,
on behalf of the HaPoC council,
Liesbeth and Giuseppe.