The British Journal for the History of Science is pleased to announce a new ‘Perspective’ section to appear semi-regularly in the Journal from 2019 onwards. Its contents will take one of three main forms:

First, International Advisors of the British Society for the History of Science have been invited to contribute their views on the field in their home or adopted countries.

Second, very senior scholars in the field will be invited to give a retrospective view on the field as they have encountered it through their careers. I am delighted to announce that Professor Anita Guerrini is the first person to have accepted an invitation of this kind.

Third, we invite re-evaluations of books or articles that were important milestones (or perhaps overlooked milestones) in the development of the field.

I warmly invite members of BSHS and readers of BJHS to nominate scholars for the articles of a personal retrospective nature, and to nominate texts and/or reviewers (including themselves!) for the third article type. Books or articles approaching important anniversaries of publication are particularly welcome. Please do get in touch with the journal editor, Prof Charlotte Sleigh ([email protected]) if you have any suggestions or queries.