Except where otherwise indicated, material in the BSHS News and Events listings service is not the work of the BSHS. Listings are compiled from public mailing-list announcements and from material sent to the BSHS by a variety of users, and are generally transcribed directly. The BSHS cannot accept responsibility for verifying the accuracy of material presented via this service.

The listings service is intended as an archive of announcements, and it is inevitable that material will ultimately become outdated. Our automated systems will indicate to users when a listing is several months old, and will by default exclude lapsed announcements from the listings; ultimately, however, it is the user’s responsibility to check the status of any announcement with its originator.

Because of the archival nature of the service, we do not routinely amend published listings or withdraw information known to be out of date (more usually, a newer announcement will be added and will be assumed to replace the old.) If, however, you are the creator of an inaccurate listing or are in a position of responsibility at a named institution, and feel strongly that the listing should be removed or edited, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help.

Copyright in messages displayed via the BSHS News and Events listings service rests with the original authors. If you are the author of an announcement and are unhappy with its inclusion, please contact us (as above) and we will remove it.