We welcome all submissions of listings relevant to the history of science, technology and medicine community, in the UK and elsewhere. There is no charge. Before submitting your announcement, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • There is no need to submit items which are also submitted to either of the principal academic mailing lists for the community, mersenne (JISCmail) and H-Sci-Med-Tech (H-Net.) These lists are routinely scanned by our volunteers; messages deemed useful to the BSHS membership will typically be reproduced within 1-4 days of first posting.
  • The only criterion for selection is relevance to the membership and aims of the Society. Commercial link exchange proposals and similar approaches will be ignored. Where an event, request, prize etc is general in scope, its specific possibilities for the history of science, technology and/or medicine should be indicated in the announcement.
  • Announcements should be in English.
  • Announcements will appear in plain text and should be submitted without formatting, preferably in the body of an email. We do not have the facility to include images, tables, styled text, Word files, PDFs or other heavily-formatted documents, and cannot without difficulty convert such documents for inclusion. Please do not send attachments or embedded files.

The address to send your announcements to is [email protected].

Announcements are typically posted within four days of receipt (occasionally longer, especially over holiday periods.) The listings service is staffed by volunteers, and we regret that we cannot enter into discussion on material deemed unsuitable for posting.