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At the 2011 Annual Conference in Exeter, BSHS Monographs announces three developments:

  1. Monograph #14 cover

    A new monograph published 15 July
    Steel, Emily. 2011. ‘He is no loss’: Robert McCormick and the voyage of HMS Beagle (74 pages; ISBN: 978-0-906450-18-5; RRP £10).

    This will be made available for purchase from 15 July 2011 via any bookseller.

  2. An Element of Controversy front cover

    Another monograph goes digital

    Chang and Jackson’s popular (2007) An Element of Controversy (volume 13) is now available in digital format for free download. It also is available for purchase via any bookseller as a new trade paper edition (ISBN: 978-0-906450-15-4).

  3. To See Fellows Fight front cover

    New printing of correspondence project

    Thackray’s (2003) To See the Fellows Fight: Eye Witness Accounts of Meetings of the Geological Society of London and Its Club, 1822-1868 (volume 12) now is available in a second printing via the BSHS print-on-demand service (ISBN: 978-0-906450-17-8).

    BSHS Monographs publishes work of lasting scholarly value that might not otherwise be made available, and it aids the dissemination of innovative projects advancing scholarship or education in the field. For further information, see the BSHS Monographs page.