Panel CFP: Biopolitics and Time Travel (9/1/08; 10/30-11/2/08)

The panel below seeks one additional presenter. Please forward your abstracts, questions, or indications of interest directly to Lisa Klarr or Gerry Canavan at [email protected]

2008 Film & History Conference Time Travel Area Panel Proposal

Reproducing Life: Biopolitics and Time Travel

Wait a minute, Doc—are you trying to tell me that my mother has got the hots for me? —Marty McFly

This panel will consider the biopolitical implications of time travel, the ways in which the possibilities and anxieties of time travel reflect particular systems of social control. Why does the fantasy of a “time machine” arise concurrently with the rigorous standardization of time in the industrial west? How does time travel probe the lacunae and excesses of a biopolitical regime? Can it be understood to reflect, or even reinforce, biopower? What might it mean to speak of an ecology of time travel?

Lisa Klarr Gerry Canavan Duke University [email protected]