Patients & Pathways: Cancer Therapies in Historical and Sociological Perspective – Workshop – Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine University of Manchester ( 6-8 October 2005

Provisional Programme

Thursday, 6 October Reception (CHSTM Seminar Room, Simon Building, Second Floor, Room 2.57)

Friday, 7 October 9:00-9:30 – Introduction

John Pickstone (University of Manchester): History of and for Patients

9:30-10:30 – Negotiating Life and Death Decisions (part 1)

Keith Wailoo (Rutgers University): The Truth about Cancer: Psychiatry, surgery, and the cultural politics of the honest diagnosis in American medicine

Gretchen Krueger (Johns Hopkins University): Private Decisions and Public Debate: ‘Glioma babies’ and the medical management of retinoblastoma in the twentieth century Coffee

10:45-11:45 – Negotiating Life and Death Decisions (part 2)

Isabelle Baszanger (INSERM, Paris): Hope, Silence, and Denial at the Threshold of Death

Jason Szabo (Harvard University): An Exercise in (Allaying) Futility: Cancer care and the spectre of hopelessness


12:00-13:15 – Patient Stories: On what it means to be a cancer patient

Emm Barnes (University of Manchester): Empirical Quests: Networks of recruitment, 1961-1962. Snapshots of developing structures

Barron Lerner (Columbia University): The Man Who Saved his Own Life: Revisiting the Story of Morris Abram’s leukemia (comments, 15 minutes)

Joanna Baines (University of Manchester): Survivorship (title to be confirmed)


14:30-16:00 Publics and Patienthood

David Cantor (National Library of Medicine and National Cancer Institute, Bethesda): Cancer, Quackery and Vernacular Meanings of Hope in 1950s America

Ornella Moscucci (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine): Fast track to treatment? Cancer education in Britain, circa 1900-1948

Kate Field (DIPEx): DIPEx: A website of patient experiences and a resource for historians


16:30-18:00 Clinical Trials and Patients as Subjects

Gerald Kutcher (Binghampton University): A Case of Human Experimentation: The patient as subject, object and martyr

Helen Valier (University of Manchester): Veterans and the US ‘War on Cancer’

Peter Keating & Alberto Cambrosio (University of Quebec at Montreal & McGill University): Patients and Protocols

Dinner Location to be announced

Saturday, 8 October

9:00-10:30 Treatments and Modalities

Ilana Löwy (INSERM, Paris): Knife, rays and women: Controversies on the uses of surgery versus radiotherapy in the treatment of female cancers in France and in the US, 1910-1960

Elizabeth Toon (University of Manchester): Measured Responses: British clinical researchers and the management of advanced breast cancer, 1960s-1970s

Carsten Timmermann (University of Manchester): What’s Wrong With Routine? Therapeutic enthusiasm and the management of lung cancer in Britain


11:00-12:30 Services and Trajectories

Charles Hayter (University of Toronto): The Inaccessible Highway: The failure of centralized cancer care in Ontario, 1930-1990

Patrick Castel (GRESAC, Lyon): Peer Relationships as a Structuring Pattern for the Therapeutic Relationship in France

Teun Zuiderent-Jerak & Roland Bal (Erasmus University, Rotterdam): Patients and their Problems: Dutch alliances of patient-centred care and pathway development


14:00-15:30 Conclusion

Mike Bury (Sociology, University of London): Commentary

General Discussion

Location Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) Simon Building, Second Floor, Room 2.57 (CHSTM Seminar Room) University of Manchester Brunswick Street Manchester M13 9PL

Contact Carsten Timmermann [email protected] +44-(0)161-275 7950

The conference is funded by the Wellcome Trust as part of the Programme Grant Constructing Cancers, 1945-2000

Places are very limited – please contact the organisers.