Philosophy and History of Medicine Seminar – Autumn 2008 Medical Humanities Programme, University of Bristol.

15 October Mark Jackson (Centre for Medical History, Exeter University) “Marcel Proust and the global history of asthma”

29 October John Abraham (University of Sussex) “Politics of Pharmaceuticals: why it needs good history and philosophy”

12 November Steve Sturdy (Science Studies Unit, University of Edinburgh) “Essentialising Tension: Laboratory and clinical in the history of medicine”

26 November Donald Gilllies (UCL) “The problem of discovery from Plato’s Meno to Pasteur and Fleming”

10 December Havi Carel (University of the West of England) “How phenomenology can augment naturalism in medicine”

All talks begin at 5pm and take place in the Department of Philosophy, Common Room, 7 Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1TB

Michael Bresalier Teaching Fellow Department of Philosophy Medical Humanities Programme University of Bristol 9 Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1TB, United Kingdom tel. +44(0)7888795795 email. [email protected]