The History of Medicine Department at Johns Hopkins University and the Greenwall Fellowship Program in Bioethics and Health Policy at Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University are jointly offering a three-year post-doctoral fellowship position beginning in September, 2007. We are seeking a historian with research interests that link history with ethical issues in medicine, science, and/or health policy. The position includes an individualized academic program, supervised research, teaching, and a summer internship in a health policy setting. Applicants must be fluent in English. Please send a CV, three letters of reference, copies of undergraduate/graduate transcripts, a writing sample, and a personal statement describing your interest in and plans for the fellowship.

Contact Info: Dr. Ruth Faden, History of Medicine and Greenwall Fellowship, c/o Bioethics Institute, Johns Hopkins University, 100 North Charles St., Suite 740, Baltimore, MD 21201. Website: