CFP for Gender & Technology Area, 2009 SW/TX PCA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico Location: United States Conference Date: 2008-11-15

Proposals are now being accepted for the Gender & Technology Area, which will focus once again on the various relationships that exist between gender and technology. Listed below are some suggestions for possible presentations, but topics not included here are also welcome. Panel proposals are also strongly encouraged.

• Impact of technologies (medical, virtual, etc.) on gender

• gender and technology in learning environments

• gender in IT careers

• medical regulation, invention, and augmentation of gender

• gender and science theory (dealing with philosophical questions/aspects, i.e. Keller, Longino, etc.)

• gender role-playing on the web

• gender-bias in web design

• gender differences in human-computer interaction

• media portrayal of gender

• feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral technology

Inquiries regarding this area and/or abstracts of 250 words may be sent to Area Chair, Brian Still, [email protected], by November 15, 2008. Brian Still, PhD Texas Tech University (806) 742-2501 Email: [email protected] Visit the website at