Save the date! The programme will include:

  • Tim Boon: Introduction: Distinguishing Adjacent Disciplines: Public History of Science and its Conceptual Neighbours
  • Sharon Babaian:  A Shattered Past Re-Made: Public History at the Canada Science and Technology Museum
  • Manon Parry:  Medicine versus Health: Public History and Medical Museums
  • Alex Rose and Jane Desborough: Co-curation, communities and collections: youth groups in London encounter the early-modern ‘Science City’
  • Ursula Martin: The story of the story of Ada Lovelace
  • Sabine Clark: “No more heroes?”: talking with Royal Society of Biology about the use of history of science in the classroom.
  • David Rooney: Exploring the margins: assembling and revealing hidden biographies and geographies of technology
  • Alexander Hall: Contested expertise: exploring the role (or lack thereof) of historians of science in the production of BBC factual science programming during the 1970s
  • Charlotte Sleigh: Finding Gadget City: The path between H. G. Wells and George Sarton
  • Sophie Vohra: Using the past to shape the future: The movement of objects and narratives in commemorations of British railways
  • Jean-Baptiste Gouyon:  Struggles of conscience. When the purity of theoretical physics meets the brutal reality of the A-Bomb (with screening of Robert Reid’s The Building of the Bomb (BBC, 1965))
  • Stephanie Snow: Making History in Public: Creating a shared history of the National Health Service
  • Katy Barrett and Rachel Boon: The ‘Art of Innovation’ Project: Doing Multimedia Interdisciplinary Public History of Science
  • Zackary Biro: Science is Social: The Role of Public History in Exploring the Application of Science
  • Ashley Bowen: Rashes, Research, and the Rubella Vaccine in Public History: Telling Complex Stories About Vaccine Development During an Era of Vaccine Skepticism
  • Lydia Sculze-Heuling and Peter Heering: The Electrical Salon – Object Orientated and Culturally Contextualised Experiences in Science Centres
  • Barbara Silva: Public History of Astronomy: Community, Connection and Consciousness
  • Jessica van Horssen: Time Travel and the Public (Future) History of Plastics
  • Robert Bud: Effecting a problem shift for the public history of science
  • Sally Horrocks with Thomas Lean, and Paul Merchant: ‘Just think of me as the idiot in the room’: Interviews, archives, and co-constructing the public oral history of science.
  • Lisa Nocks: What Technical Membership Organizations Contribute to the Public History of Science in the Twenty-first Century
  • Jacqueline Boytim:  Towards a Model for Public History of Science: Reflections from Postdocs in Training
  • Ludmilla Jordanova: Commentary