The Legacy of Charles Darwin: Public Lecture Programme Lectures will take place on Monday evenings, 6.15-7.15pm in Elvet Riverside 2, Lecture Theatre 201, Durham University

15 January 2007: Professor David Knight, Durham University The Law of Higgledy-Piggledy: Charles Darwin’s Inheritance, his Legacy and the Moral Order of Nature

22 January 2007: Professor James Moore, Open University Darwin, Sex and Slavery

29 January 2007: Professor Paul Weindling, Oxford Brookes University ‘Our Racial Friends’: Disease, Povery and Social Darwinism 1860-1940

5 February 2007: Dr Matt Ridley, Science Writer, Centre for Life Francis Crick, the Genetic Code and Vitalism

12 February 2007: Professor John Dupré, Director of ERSC Centre for the Study of Genomics in Society, University of Exeter The Friendly Germ meets the Selfish Gene: a Microbe’s Eye View of Evolution

19 February 2007: Professor Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen Dots and Lines: Thinking about Descent in Biology and Culture

26 February 2007: Dame Gillian Beer, University of Cambridge Darwin and Consciousness of Others

5 March 2007: Dame Antonia Byatt in conversation with Professor Patricia Waugh Darwin and the Forms of Fiction

12 March 2007: Dr Bennett Zon, Durham University Wagner as Music’s Fittest Survivor: Evolution and Nineteenth Century Concepts of Genius Easter Term

23 April 2007: Dr Jon Turney, Imperial College London A History of Genetic Futures: Post-Darwinian Speculative Fiction and Non-Fiction

30 April 2007: Professor Joseph Emonds, Shion University, Japan From Primate to Human (in two easy steps): Freeing Sound from Meaning and Vision from Reality

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