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Images of the Earth

Jordanova, Ludmilla and Porter, Roy (eds.). 1997. Images of the Earth: essays in the history of the environmental sciences. 2nd edition (Chalfont St Giles: British Society for the History of Science), 293pp.

ISBN 0-906450-12-81979, reprinted 1981, 2nd revised and enlarged edition, 1997. This is the 2nd edition.

Proceedings of a conference, ‘New Perspectives in the History of Geology’ held at New Hall, Cambridge, April 1977.


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“Taken individually, each of these essays is a thoughtful and informative piece of scholarship.”

“The one theme that binds these essays together is the desire to free the history of science from the order of knowoledge created by science itself.”

“The eleven papers in this volume were selected to exemplify new approaches to the history of geology.” “…whether readers view this volume as marking the watershed in the history of geology that the editors intend, they will find in it a number of useful and provocative essays.”

Table of Contents

page author title
viii Jordanova, Ludmilla
Porter, Roy
Preface to the second edition
01 Jordanova, Ludmilla
Porter, Roy
Section I. Geology and Belief
17 Cantor, Geoffrey Revelation and the cyclical cosmos of John Hutchinson
37 Grant, R. Hutton’s theory of the Earth
53 Brooke, John Hedley The natural theology of the geologists: some theological strata
Section II. The Language of Environmental Science
77 Rudwick, Martin J. S. Transposed concepts from the human sciences in the early work of Charles Lyell
93 Pointon, Marcia Geology and landscape painting in nineteenth-century England
Section III. Earth Science and Discipline Boundaries
127 Jordanova, Ludmilla Earth science and environmental medicine: the synthesis of the late Enlightenment
153 Brock, W. H. Chemical geology or geological chemistry?
175 Boylan, Patrick J. The controversy of the Moulin-Quignon jaw: the role of Hugh Falconer
203 Allen, David Elliston The lost limb: geology and natural history
Section IV. The Social History of Geology
217 Torrens, Hugh Geological communication in the Bath area in the last half of the eightennth century
247 Weindling, Paul Julian Geological controversy and its historiography: the prehistory of the Geological Society of London
273 Jordanova, Ludmilla Postscript and bibliography
269 Notes on contributors
287 Index