BSHS Monographs 8Science and Nature

Shortland, Michael. 1993. Science and Nature: essays in the history of the environmental sciences (Oxford: British Society for the History of Science), 291 pages.

ISBN 0-906450-08-x


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“Science and Nature is an excellent collection of essays. It provides a very broad overview of current scholarship in environmental history. Together these essays provide compelling evidence that environmental history is a lively area of study. The volume also suggests that there remain many fruitful areas for future research.”
Journal of the History of Biology

“No one interested in the history of ecology should long delay reading this volume. In particular, the essays of Bocking, Cittadino, Kingsland and Kwa collectively represent a substantial addition to our knowledge and understanding of the history of mainstream ecological science in the twentieth century.”

Essays in this volume “reveal just how complex are the factors that make up a political decision.” A “valuable contribution”
Technology and Culture

Table of Contents


author title
i front matter
vii Shortland, Michael Foreword
01 Bowler, Peter Science and the environment: New agendas for the history of science?
23 Feldman, Theodore S. The ancient climate in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century
41 Sheail, John Pollution and the protection of inland fisheries in inter-war Britain
57 Boon, Timothy The smoke menace: Cinema, sponsorship and the social relations of science in 1937
89 Bocking, Stephen Conserving nature and building a science: British ecologists and the origins of the Nature Conservancy
115 Robin, Libby Of desert and watershed: The rise of ecological consciousness in Victoria, Australia
151 Kingsland, Sharon E. An elusive science: Ecological enterprise in the Southwestern United States
181 Palladino, Paolo On ‘environmentalism’: The origins of debates over policy for pest-control research in America, 1960-1975
213 Kwa, Chunglin Radiation ecology, systems ecology and the management of the environment
251 Cittadino, Eugene The failed promise of human ecology
285 List of contributors
287 Index of names