BSHS Monographs 10E. Ray Lankester

Lester, Joe (Bowler, Peter (ed.)). 1995. E. Ray Lankester and the Making of Modern British Biology (Oxford: British Society for the History of Science), 219pp.

ISBN 978-0-906450-11-6



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editor’s note: This volume was wrongly numbered as BSHS Monographs 9. It is, in fact, BSHS Monographs 10.


“Lester’s account sheds an apologetic light on Lankester’s quarrelsome personality, providing an interesting and detailed account of the tortuous path that his career followed and of the many interesting contemporaries he met and be- friended, among whom were such nonscientists as Edmund Gosse, HG Wells, Karl Marx, and the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.” Also “…a fine though antiquated ‘life and letters,’ valuable primarily for its disclosure of items from the hitherto-inaccessible Lankester family papers.”

“This biography was written by an enthusiastic amateur who had access to the Lankester family papers, and it was subsequently brought up to BSHS academic standards by a very sympathetic and understanding editor.” The story of Lankester is “the human story of an era; and for those not interested in zoology, it will undoubtedly make an enchanting bedside book.”
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