E-FAITH has declared the year 2015 “European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year”, which is being supported by the EU. See: http://www.e-faith.org/home/?q=content/council-europe
As Crane historians it is our intention to pay special attention to the History of Cranes and to set-up activities to Hi-light the European Crane Manufacturers and the still existing Historical Cranes in Europe.
Our first step will be to prepare a list of:
1.      Governmental Departments responsible for the Industrial and Cultural Heritage
2.      Organizations or people with activities in order to preserve the Historical Cranes and/or the archives of the Crane manufacturers or collect Crane literature.
3.      Any existing historical crane.

Can you provide us with the information, name, address etc. of certain organization(s) in your country?
We would be much obliged.

On behalf of the Dutch Crane Heritage (Erfgoed Kranen Nederland),