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“Rutherford’s Chemists”: July 15th-16th 2017, Glasgow

///“Rutherford’s Chemists”: July 15th-16th 2017, Glasgow

“Rutherford’s Chemists”: July 15th-16th 2017, Glasgow

A meeting, co-sponsored by the Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Chemistry, to mark the centenary of the second scientific revolution and a unique collaboration between physics and chemistry. It will feature invited lecturers who will speak on the contributions of key radio-chemists, including Marie Curie, Frederick Soddy, William Ramsay and Georg von Hevesy, who collaborated with Lord Rutherford after the discovery of radioactivity, resulting in the birth of modern physical science.

The meeting, hosted by the Department of Physics of the University of Glasgow, will be held over two days starting at 2.00 pm on Saturday 15th July with registration from 12.30 pm.

Talks will include:

Pierre Radvanyi: Marie and Pierre Curie and the discovery of radium

Maria Rentetzi: Stefan Meyer and Vienna Radium Institute

Linda Richards, Frederick Soddy – transmutation in science and society

David Sanderson: Frederick Soddy – the Glasgow years

John Faithfull: A talk on some Soddy artefacts held at the Hunterian Museum

Finlay Stuart: William Ramsay – the noble gases, helium and radon

Neil Todd: Radioactive contamination in the notebooks of F Soddy and W Ramsay: Radio-archaeological perspectives

Ted Davis: Bertram Boltwood

Dieter Hoffmann: Otto Hahn 

Siegfried Niese & Dieter Hoffmann: Georg von Hevesy

Registration is essential. To register, go to


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