Course & Degrees Taught

Department Name School of History & Archives
Institution Name Ireland, University College Dublin

Departmental Information

Department Profile The School of History and Archives at University College Dublin has over forty members of staff whose combined specialist interests cover a large geographical area and wide chronological range. Building on its strong tradition of excellence in individual research, the School has nurtured particular concentrations of expertise with centres focusing on Irish studies, the history of medicine, the history of the media and war studies. The School takes pride in fostering a challenging intellectual environment that promotes active learning, and offers a range of graduate courses that is unparalleled in Ireland.
Faculty Teaching Staff Dr Catherine Cox;
Areas of Expertise History of medicine;
Special Resources UCD Archives;
Postgraduate Courses MA in Social and Cultural History of Medicine
Research Degrees PhD

Contact Details

Postal Address UCD School of History & Archives, Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone +353 1 716 8371/8375/8376
Fax +353 1 716 8602
Email [email protected]