Science for a better world: the vision of J.D. Bernal

A half-day meeting at the British Association Festival of Science, University of York

Wednesday 12 September 2007, 2pm to 5.30 pm

The brilliant and influential scientist, historian and political activist J D Bernal (1901 — 71) wrote many pioneering works on the relationship between science and society. Today, growing interest in science and technology’s role in tackling poverty and environmental problems is prompting a re-examination of Bernal’s work. This session will look at Bernal’s many-faceted contributions, and the current relevance of his ideas.

Organised by: BA General Section

Chair: Jon Turney


• Chris Chilvers (Technical University of Denmark) ‘The uncompromising stand: Bernal’s Russian connection’

• Hilary Rose and Steven Rose (University of Bradford, Open University) ‘J.D. Bernal: a life in three colours’

• Mikulus Teich (Robinson College, University of Cambridge) ‘Bernal and the `Scientific-Technical Revolution´’

• Fred Steward (Brunel University) ‘Progress and precaution: Bernal on risk, innovation and environmental sustainability’

• Film: Bernal remembered: an interview with Alan Mackay

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