Science Museum Lates – STRENGTH IN NUMBERS
Wednesday 22 February 2017
Doors Open 18.45–22.00
Over 18s only
Admission free although some events may require a ticket

A celebration for the fabulous new Winton Gallery of Mathematics created by Zaha Hadid – herself a mathematician – includes our very own Minerva Scientifica – Superwomen of Mathematics.
Frances M Lynch from electric voice theatre with Dr. Patricia Fara, President of the British Society for the History of Science, present the spectacular legacies of female scientists and mathematicians in song and storytelling with a plethora of pop-up performances. Reach for the stars with Caroline Herschel, capture prisms of light with Mary Somerville, explore computing with cards with Ada Lovelace and much more!

Music by Frances-Hoad, Whitley, Plowman and Lynch

“Minerva Mathematica” by Frances M Lynch 
“Pulsar Superstar” by Kate Whitley with Jocelyn Bell Burnell
“Epitaph for a Comet Hunter” by Frances M Lynch, with Caroline Herschel
“Something More Than Mortal”, by Cheryl Frances-Hoad with Ada Lovelace
“Williamina – Astronomer fae Dundee” by Frances M Lynch, with Williamina Fleming
“Seven Dark Lines” by Lynne Plowman, with Mary Somerville
“Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans”, by and with Hildegard von Bingen