The University of Sydney is offering three-year post-doctoral fellowships which could be held within the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney. We at the Unit for HPS encourage outstanding applicants to consider applying for these fellowships. Our research strengths are in the history and philosophy of medicine, the human sciences, and the scientific revolution. Please do take up contact with the staff member whose research interests most closely correspond before submitting an application. For more information about us and our research interests see the Unit web-site at: <” target=”_new”>> For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at <mailto:[email protected]>[email protected].

Hans Pols

The announcement from the University of Sydney:

The University will be offering up to fifteen new Sesqui Postdoctoral Fellowships to attract outstanding postdoctoral scholars to conduct full-time research at the University in any of its disciplines. The Fellowships will be available from January 2004 for a period of three years and should be commenced within six months of an offer being made. Applicants will be doctoral graduates, of no more than five years standing as at 1 December 2003.

The salary will commence within the range $51,153 to $54,910. A research support grant of $25,000 will be provided upon commencement to assist Fellows to establish their research in the host Department/School.

Applicants must complete an application form, which can be obtained, together with details of the application procedure and supplementary information, from the Research Office, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006. Telephone: (02) 9351 4469; Fax: (02) 9351 4812; e-mail: <mailto:[email protected]>[email protected] or from our homepage at: <” target=”_new”>>

Applications close on Friday 19 September 2003. Late applications will not be considered.