BODY IN HISTORY & HISTORIES OF THE BODY (University of Montreal, March 6-8 2009)

he study of the human body, and the interest it has aroused in historians, has taken many forms. Scholars have studied the subject in a wide variety of ways including the history of anatomy, of gesture and its rhetoric, of civilities, dance, clothing, senses and perception, of the expression of passions, voices and of religious beliefs. The observation and the analysis of the metonymic links between the body and society in the 17th and 18th centuries allow historians to better understand cultural representations, obsessions and preoccupations, with corporality, creating at the same time an intimate relationship between historians and their area of research. The inherent anachronism in the study of history implies the risk to invest the body of actual values while studying the values in which it is historically invested.

his conference aims to approach the role of the body from a historical and historiographical point of view. It will question the implications of the unifying appellation of “the history of the body” as well as the relevance of the contributions of sociology and anthropology to this field of study. For this reason, we expect participants to integrate into their contribution a reflection on the aspect of the history of the body that they are to present.

Submissions (250 to 300 words) should be sent, before December 1st 2008, to the following address : [email protected]. Please include the title of the presentation, a summary, name, grade, university, email address and telephone number. This announcement is directed toward graduate students and researchers (M.A., PhD or postdoctoral) interested with 17th and 18th centuries. Presentations may be made either in French or in English. The scientific committee reserves the right to decide which propositions will provide an oral presentation and which will provide a poster, depending on the number of places available and in order to maintain thematic consistency for the programme. For further information, please visit our website :