URL: http://www.mfo.ac.uk/en/node/1518

This international workshop, to be held under the auspices of the Historical Committee of the Fondation EDF, will take place at the Maison française, Norham Road, Oxford, on Thursday 5 May and Friday 6 May 2011. The sessions on 5 May will begin at 13.30 and end at 18.00. Those on 6 May will begin at 09.00 and end at 15.00.
Details of the programme and other details are available on the website of the Maison française at http://www.mfo.ac.uk/en/node/1518.

The workshop is open to all, and registration is unnecessary.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the local organizers, Muriel Le Roux or Robert Fox

Muriel Le Roux ([email protected])

Robert Fox ([email protected])