Three BT Connected Earth Research Internships, Science Museum, London Bursary £1,000 a month This is an exciting opportunity to carry out research on the history of telecommunications in two of the most important institutions in this field. With the generous financial support of BT’s Connected Earth programme, the Science Museum is offering three (3) BT Connected Earth Research Internships to enable postgraduate students (or students intending to embark on a postgraduate course) explore the riches of its telecommunication collections and the BT Archives in Holborn. The research interns will also be able to use the Science Museum Library. Further information on the Connected Earth programme can be found online at BT Archives in Holborn, London, is Britain’s foremost corporate archives for the history of telecommunications. Further information about the BT Archives can be found online at The museum welcomes all applications for this Internship which help to increase our understanding of the history of telecommunications. The precise topic will be chosen by the Science Museum in order to make the best use of the Science Museum’s collections and the BT Archives while taking into account the intern’s educational background, interests and strengths. Applicants are invited to apply for details of possible research topics by email. The bursary for this Internship is £1,000 per month for up to three months and is intended to cover travel to and from the museum and living expenses. There will be very limited funds available to cover exceptional travelling expenses and research costs, agreed in advance. The exact timing of the internships will be by arrangement, but will take place between April 2009 and March 2010. Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, which should show the candidate’s education, qualifications and any publications, with a covering letter, which should give a brief explanation of how this Internship would advance your academic development and why you wish to carry out research on the history of telecommunications. Please supply the names and addresses of two academic referees. Applicants should send a copy of their application to their chosen referees before submission, asking their referees to comment on their suitability for this Internship. They should ask their referees to send their references in confidence directly to the address below by Friday 30th January. As there will not be a formal interview, applicants should ensure that they provide all the information needed to make a decision. The deadline for applications is Friday 23rd January 2009. They should be sent to: Dr Peter J T Morris Head of Research Science Museum London SW7 2DD All candidates will be informed by email if they have been successful by the end of February 2009. Please ensure you include a current email address with your application. If you have any queries (or need any additional information) please contact Peter Morris at [email protected].