Three PH.D. bursaries on ‘Laboratory Cultures and the Authority of Science’.

Applications are invited for three PH. D. bursaries on the project ‘Laboratory Cultures and the Authority of Science. The Case of Belgium in an International Perspective, 1870-1950’, at the research unit Cultural History since 1750 of the University of Leuven (Belgium).

The research of this project will focus on three questions. (1) How did a uniform laboratory culture come into being at universities in Belgium during the nineteenth century and how did it adapt to the evolving context of Belgian academic and scientific culture? (2) How did Belgian public authorities in the same period develop a laboratory culture in socially important policy domains? How did these laboratories relate to the academic laboratory cultures and how did they contribute to the legitimisation of government policies? (3) What was the role of the laboratory and laboratory culture in the representation of science and how did the laboratory become an icon of modern science? How did this contribute to the social authority of science?

Applicants should have a background in history or the natural sciences and have a good knowledge of French.

More information on the vacancy can be consulted at: