Department Name UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies
Institution Name University College London (UCL)

Departmental Information

Department Profile An internationally important research and teaching centre for integrated history and philosophy of science, science policy and governance, and science communication, engagement, and evaluation. Located in the heart of London. Founded in 1921.
Faculty Teaching Staff Academic staff in the department in 2012–13 include: Professor Joe Cain (Head of Department), Professor Jon Agar, Professor Brian Balmer, Professor Frank James, Professor Steve Miller, Dr Chiara Ambrosio, Dr Karen Bultitude, Dr Brendan Clarke, Dr Andrew Gregory, Dr Phyllis Illari, Dr Simon Jay Lock, Dr William MacLehose, Dr Carole Reeves, Dr Jack Stilgoe, Dr Emma Tobin, and Dr Simon Werrett.
Research Staff

Dr Maggie Aderin OBE; Dr Christine Aicardi; Dr Norma Morris; over 50 honorary research associates and academic visitors.

Emeritus staff include Professor Arthur I Miller, Professor Piyo Rattansi, Professor Hasok Chang, and Mr Nicholas Maxwell.

Areas of Expertise

STS has expertise across a wide range of subject areas.

In HPS, these include history of science, philosophy of science, and “integrated history and philosophy of science” (iHPS), a speciality we helped establish.

STS also is an important centre for contemporary science studies, combining science policy and governance, sociology of science, and the combined study of science communication, engagement, and evaluation.

In history of science, we have expertise in every major chronological period of the subject: ancient, medieval, early modern, 18thC, 19thC, and 20thC. We also have expertise in Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and the Americas. Our expertise covers all major domains of scientific research, too, from astronomy to zoology, from ancient philosophy to post-modern art and illustration.

Special Resources

Museums are an important resource for the department, and we make good use of UCL Museums and Collections, including the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, UCL Art Museum, and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. We also have valuable links with the Royal Institution, the Royal Society, the Science Museum, the Natural History Musuem, and the National Maritime Museum.

UCL Libraries and Special Collections have extensive holdings in all academic areas. Our special collections have holdings that include: Graves Early Science Library (mathematics and physical sciences, special collection related to Euclid); Johnston Lavis Vulcanology Library; James Joyce collection; The Whitley Stokes Celtic Library. Major manuscript collections include: Francis Galton; Karl Pearson; William Ramsay; Jeremy Bentham; J Z Young; J B S Haldane; Edwin Chadwick; Gavin De Beer; George Orwell; The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. The College also holds libraries for (among others): The Huguenot Society; London Mathematical Society; Royal Statistical Society; Folk-Lore Society; Geologists’ Association; The Jewish Historical Society.

UCL staff and students enjoy quick access to Senate House Library, Wellcome Library, and the British Library.


Courses and Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

Single honours degrees:

  • UCAS V550 BSc History and Philosophy of Science
  • UCAS L391 BSc Science and Society

Joint honours degrees:

  • UCAS CFG0 BSc in Natural Sciences (History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science stream)
  • UCAS FGC0 MSci in Natural Sciences (History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science stream)
  • UCAS RY00 BA Modern Language Plus

Additional courses:

  • Integrated BSc in Philosophy, Medicine and Society
  • Integrated BSc in History of Medicine

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Postgraduate Courses STS offers two Master’s level degrees

  • MSc History and Philosophy of Science
  • MSc Science, Technology, and Society

These are available for both full-time and part-time students. PG Diploma and PG Certificate programmes also are available. Degrees previously offered in the London Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology included:

  • MSc History of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • MSc Science, Medicine, and Technology

In 2013-14, UCL Centre for the History of Medicine closed. Their degrees transferred to Department of Science and Technology Studies, including: 

  • MA History of Medicine
Research Degrees
  • PhD History and Philosophy of Science
  • PhD Science and Technology Studies

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Phone 0207 679 1328 (intl: +44 207 679 1328)
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