UCL STS Seminars

Second and Third Terms 2009

January 19 Rebecca Higgitt (National Maritime Museum)

‘The Royal Observatory Greenwich and its publics; past and present’

February 2 Kathleen Richardson (Cambridge)

‘Challenging Sociality? Nerds, geeks and sociable robots at MIT’

March 2 Jane Calvert (Edinburgh)

‘Reflections on the role of social scientists in synthetic biology’

March 16 workshop in History and Philosophy of Mathematics and Computing

**An event organised by the Lunar Society**

March 23 Simon Singh

‘Fermat’s Last Theorem – the making of the TV documentary’

Location: AV Hill Lecture Theatre

April 27 Ben Martin (Sussex)

‘Research misconduct: does self-policing work?’

Seminars take place in Room G.3, 22 Gordon Square, starting at 5pm, unless otherwise indicated

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