This 20-page special issue of Viewpoint is themed around colour, with three feature articles exploring how colours have been identified, made, and used in the history of science. Charlotte Nicklas opens with a discussion of chemical fashions for the mid-19thC public (1-3); Simon Werrett sheds light on the origins of colour in early modern fireworks (4-5); and Allison Ksiazkiewicz (16-17) introduces the tricky problem of describing colour, including a colour quiz (15). The object of the issue is the COMIC machine, introduced by Richard Ashworth from its home institution, the Society for Dyers and Colourists (6). The issue also includes a photo-filled souvenir supplement that celebrates and analyses the 24th International Congress for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Manchester (7-14). David Wright, winner of the Dingle Prize 2013, is the interviewee (19).

Viewpoint 102 [pdf]