Viewpoint 94

//Viewpoint 94

Viewpoint 94

Food and drink

Issue #94 quenched the thirst for a history of the science of food and drink, with a smorgasbord of delectable articles on historic cookery, drunken time-travel, and industrial research and manufacturing. Sally Horrocks analyses industrial food research in the early 20th century in her feature on ‘The Chemistry of Chocolate’ (1-3), focusing on the Bournville Works and its associated laboratories. Shana Worthen’s marvellous selection of historical recipes (8-9) traced a culinary chronology from Gazelle Broth to Pineapple Cake, via Portable Soup. And James Sumner took a voyage through the drinking-glass, as he shared details of his outreach event ‘Drinking Up Time’ (6-7). There is also advice from Aileen Fyfe on ‘The Job Interview Experience’ (9).

Viewpoint 94

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