WAR AND PEACE Conference on the life and work of Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat, FRS, Nobel Peace Laureate

Liverpool Medical Institution, 114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool Friday, 20 October 2006

On October 20 the historic Liverpool Medical Institution will host War and Peace: A one-day conference on the life and work of Sir Joseph Rotblat, organised jointly by Liverpool Medical History Society and the University’s Department of Physics. Rotblat came to Liverpool from Poland in 1939, attracted by the fame of Professor James Chadwick and the potential of the newly-built cyclotron. He stayed for more than ten years during which time he worked extensively on nuclear physics, before joining the Manhattan Project in 1943. He was the only physicist to leave the project on conscience grounds and, after the war, helped to found the Pugwash Conferences, which led to his receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace, a rare honour for a physicist. At the same time, he moved into the newly-developing field of medical physics, which he continued with great distinction at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Although he left Liverpool in 1950, he returned on many occasions, the last time in 2003, when, as many of us recall, he gave a brilliant lecture at the age of 95. The conference will bring together speakers who will recall his contributions in nuclear physics, medical physics, and the movement for the abolition of war. There will also be an exhibition of photographs and other material, together with video and sound recordings. Delegates will be presented with a hardback book containing all the speakers’ contributions plus much additional material. Details and application forms are available from Adrian Allan (Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, PO Box 123, Liverpool, L69 3DA; tel. 0151 794 2093 ; email: [email protected]).

See http://www.liv.ac.uk/warandpeace/ for further details