Just launched is the new website ‘Darwin in Denmark’ (http://www.darwin.au.dk). It has already received considerable Danish media attention (tv, radio, newspapers). The site, part of The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online (http://darwin-online.org.uk), contains all the 19th century Danish and Norwegian translations of Darwin, in electronic text and colour image forms, with new English editorial introductions, an introduction to the reception of Darwin in Denmark, a complete bibliography of Danish translations and editions, reviews and reactions to Darwin and historical studies of Darwinism in Denmark. Reviews of Darwin’s works in Danish are forthcoming. The Danish & Norwegian texts are also available and searchable within Darwin Online itself.

The project has been coordinated by Peter C. Kjaergaard ([email protected]) of Aarhus University, co-edited by John van Wyhe and carried out by dedicated student volunteers Jakob Bek-Thomsen, Stine Grumsen, Gry Vissing Jensen, Marie Larsen, Laura S. Thomasen, Lars Brøndum, Hans Henrik Hjermitslev and Mathias Clasen.

It is hoped that this first Darwin in translation project will inspire others to follow suit with other languages. To find out more contact John van Wyhe ([email protected]).

[There is an English verison http://www.darwin.au.dk/en]