‘Theory and Practice’ – Fourth Joint Workshop on Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

Monday 1st June 2009, 12-6pm

Durham University, Senate Chamber, Old Shire Hall, Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3HP



Durham University, University College London, University of Leeds and University of Exeter and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.


Dr Matthew D Eddy (

[email protected])[email protected])

Dr Robin F Hendry (


1:00-2:00       Session I (Exeter): Naturalism and Empirical Philosophy

Dr Sabina Leonelli

‘Researching Contemporary Biology’

Dr Staffan Mueller-Wille

‘History and Experiment’

Mr Dan Nicholson

‘The Role of Scientific Knowledge in the Construction of Philosophical Arguments: Interpretive vs. Critical Philosophy of Science’

2:00-3:00       Session II (UCL): Causation in Theory and in Practice

Professor Donald Gillies

‘Action-Related Causality and Koch’s Postulates’

Dr Brendan Clarke

‘Agency and Manipulability Causation: What’s the Difference in Practice?’

Dr Chiara Ambrosio

‘From Causation to Representation: A Pragmatic Suggestion’

3:00-3:30       Tea & coffee

3:30-4:30       Session III (Leeds): Relationships between Theory and Practice

Dr Jon Hodge

‘Theorising and other Bodily Practices in Darwin’s 1835 Change of Mind about the Causes of Species Extinctions’

Mr Chris Baxfield

‘Observing Chaos or Theorizing Balance? The Role of Providence in

Eighteenth-Century Natural Philosophy’

Ms Maria Kon

‘Time’s Role in Physics: A Critique of the Relation Between Metaphysical Theory and Scientific Practice’

Mr Pete Vickers

‘The Concept of a Theory’

4:30-5:30      Session IV (Durham): Theory & Practice: Tensions in HPS

Mr Daniel Becker

‘Disease Causation: Tensions between Expertise and Clinical Judgement’

Dr M D Eddy

‘Commonplace Problems: Note-taking as Classification in Systematic Natural History’

Dr R F Hendry

‘Reflections on Theory and Practice in the History and Philosophy of Chemistry’

Mr Ian Kidd

‘Rethinking Epistemological Dadaism: Feyerabend on Theory and Practice in Art and Science’

6:00             Dinner for those still in town

Attendance is open, but if you would like to attend please inform the organisers.

Registration fee (covering lunch, tea and coffee): £10, payable on the day.