For the third time in its history, the Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association (CSTHA) will break with tradition and hold its “Kingston Conference” in Ottawa in 2005. The conference will take place at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. To take advantage of the opportunity offered by the host Museum, a day of meetings and museum-based activities will be added to the standard program. As always, the program committee will take into consideration general subjects relating to the history of science and technology in Canada.

Since it was founded in 1980, the CSTHA has not often had the opportunity to discuss the role of museums in preserving and sharing Canada’s scientific and technological heritage. We look forward to discussing this subject with our Canadian colleagues and benefiting from the input of our American and European counterparts.

We would like to discuss the following subjects this year:

1. Canada’s scientific and technological heritage Preserving material history – Defining Canadian science and technology – Preserving contemporary science and technology – Preserving industrial technology – Museums of science and technology: collections and history – Preserving scientific and technological history at other museums and national sites – Researchers’ access to collections

Interpreting scientific and technological history – Exhibits and programming: challenges and constraints – Static exhibit or demonstration? – Limits of material artifacts for interpretation – Research and publications

2. World Year of Physics — 2005 ( Next year will be the hundredth anniversary of the publication of three major articles by Albert Einstein. To commemorate this event, we invite participants to submit proposals concerning the history of physics.

3. Other subjects relating to the history of science and technology

We also encourage you to organize sessions with other colleagues.

Proposals must include a title, summary (75 to 100 words) and brief curriculum vitae. Abstracts and papers may be in either French or English. Please submit proposals to the following address by May 2, 2005: Suzanne Beauvais Canada Science and Technology Museum 2380 Lancaster Road P.O. Box 9724, Station T Ottawa ON K1G 5A3

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