“19th Century Chemistry: Spaces and Collections” 1-4 February 2007 Museum of Science University of Lisbon Portugal

The inauguration of the magnificent 19th century Laboratorio Chimico of the University of Lisbon in 2006 provides a timely opportunity to explore and discuss challenges related to the role of scientific heritage in the history of science in general and the history of chemistry in particular.

– What is the role of spaces of research and teaching – such as laboratories and observatories – in the history of science and in public engagement with scientific research? – How should a 19th century chemistry laboratory be documented and interpreted? – How can historians be stimulated to make more use of collections? Are they trained to carry out collection-based research? – How to articulate collections and scientific archives? – What are the implications of these for the daily routines and training of curators?

The Conference 19th Century Chemistry: Spaces and Collections aims at contributing to a forward looking discussion of these issues and to enhancing exchanges between historians and curators.

We are currently inviting submissions for oral and poster presentations pertaining to research, interpretation and promotion of 19th century chemical heritage (collections, archives and historic spaces), with particular emphasis on:

– bridging the gap between the history of ideas in chemistry and the material culture of chemistry; – historians of chemistry and collection-based research; – the material culture of chemistry and the training of historians and museum professionals; – relations between chemical collections and archives; – interpretation of historical spaces and collections; – biographies of spaces and objects in the history of chemistry; – chemical heritage and the public engagement with chemistry; – political issues in the preservation and management of scientific heritage.

Registration is now available! Registration deadline: 30 November 2006 Abstract submission deadline: 30 September 2006 Please visit the Conference website at