2009 Annual Meeting, Society for Social Studies of Sciences (4S)

October 28 – November 1, Washington, DC

The conference welcomes contributions on topics from the range of fields
found within science and technology studies. This years conference will not
have a predetermined theme. Consequently, proposals for sessions and papers
should emphasize how they will make innovative and timely contributions to
any theme relevant to science and technology studies (STS).

Our new abstract submission system is now online. All submitters and authors
will need to create a new user account in this system. Aside from this small
inconvenience, we are confident the new system will enable more efficient
conference management and improved communication with participants.

Submit abstracts and session proposals here:

Program practices

Given the growing size of the 4S conferences and the desire to be as
inclusive as possible, the program committee will need to make full use of
the available time slots. Therefore, individuals may be listed for a paper
presentation and one other role (such as session chair or discussant but not
a second paper) for a maximum of two appearances.

Paper abstracts may be submitted individually or by a session organizer.
Submissions are in the form of abstracts of 500 words or less, and must
include a summary of the papers main arguments and methodology, as well as
a brief statement on the contribution to the STS literature.
Session proposals should be limited to 500 words total, and should contain a
summary and rationale for the session, as well as a brief discussion of its
contribution to STS. Session proposals should list names of all session
organizers and panelists, including institutional affiliations and
(electronic) addresses. Session proposals should be based on the assumption
of two-hour time slots with twenty minutes per presentation. A typical
session may have five papers, one discussant, and a ten-minute open
discussion slot. You must have a minimum of three complete paper abstracts
in order to submit a session proposal. The program committee may assign
additional papers to proposed sessions.

Proposals for double and triple sessions on a single topic may receive a
request to consolidate the topic into one panel or to break the multiple
sessions into different topics.

The meeting welcomes papers, sessions and events that are innovative in
their delivery, organization, range of topics, type of public and which
bring new resources to the STS community to explore these new relations and
themes. Apart from traditional research papers, the conference will also
welcome proposals for sessions and papers using new media or other forms
of innovative presentation.

New session format

This year, for the first time, the 4S is including a new workshop format.
This is an opportunity for informal presentations, with presenters and other
attendees seated around tables. This format is ideal for a more interactive
presentation of preliminary ideas and work in progress. Authors and session
organizers should indicate if they would like to be part of a workshop
table. Submissions for workshop presentations are included under the one
first-authored submission limit, stated above. It is also possible for
sessions to be proposed as workshop tables.
For more information, contact the 4S program co-chairs, Barbara Allen and
Daniel Breslau at [email protected], or visit the 4S website at

Daniel Breslau
Associate Professor
Department of Science and Technology in Society
Virginia Tech
133 Lane Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0247