*****Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers*****

Scientific Instrument Commission’s 24th Annual Scientific Instrument Symposium

The Scientific Instrument Commission of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science (hereafter referred to as SIC) will hold its next annual meeting in Beijing, China, 24-30 July 2005, as part of the 22nd International Congress for the History of Science (hereafter referred to as the 22nd ICHS).

For further information on this Congress, please consult these websites:

(a) general: http://2005bj.ihns.ac.cn/

(b) forms for registration, submission of abstracts, and hotel reservations; discount airfare; information on Beijing; and tours available: http://www.conference.ac.cn/ichs05.htm

How to Attend the SIC’s Symposium

Those wishing to participate in the SIC meetings must register for the full Congress. Early registration ends on 20 December 2004; after this date, there will be a higher fee. The registration form can be completed online, or downloaded, filled out, and mailed or emailed to the Secretariat of the 22nd ICHS.

Please also send a copy of your registration form to the Secretary of the Scientific Instrument Commission (address below), so that we will know how many SIC members plan to attend and can keep you informed of any special SIC events or excursions that we arrange.

How To Deliver a Paper

Those wishing to deliver a paper on scientific instruments as part of the “scientific sessions” organized by SIC, must submit their abstracts directly to the Secretariat of the 22nd ICHS on a special form before 15 April 2005. The form can be downloaded from the Congress website. These abstracts will be peer reviewed, as are all abstracts submitted to this Congress. The abstracts should be marked with the phrase “Scientific Section 11”, which is the section dealing with scientific instruments. Speakers who want their papers to appear in the same session as those of a colleague should also indicate to the Secretariat the names of the speakers whose papers are to be grouped together.

Please also send a copy of your abstract to the Secretary of the Scientific Instrument Commission (address below), so that we will know what papers are to be presented and can help the local organizers to group them together.

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing!!

Sara Schechner Secretary, Scientific Instrument Commission

Sara Schechner, Ph.D. David P. Wheatland Curator Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Department of the History of Science Harvard University, Science Center 251c Cambridge, MA 02138 Tel: 617-496-9542 Fax: 617-496-5932 [email protected]