CALL FOR PAPERS: the deadline for submissions will be June 25, 2004.

The seminar is organized and coordinated by graduate students across North America working in fields related to the history of medicine to foster a sense of community and provide a forum for sharing and critiquing graduate research by peers from a variety of institutions and backgrounds. For more information, including last year’s program, please visit

Graduate students studying in fields related to the history of medicine are encouraged to submit abstracts for talks on topics related to the history of health and healing; of medical ideas, practices, and institutions; and of illness, disease, and public health, from all eras and regions of the world. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and should clearly state the purpose, thesis and principal findings of the paper to be presented. A panel comprised of 8 graduate students and 2 faculty members from 5 different institutions will review the abstracts. All abstracts should be submitted electronically (either as a Word document or as text in the body of an email message) to Todd Olszewski, graduate student coordinator, at [email protected].

We hope that a limited amount of travel support will be available from Harvard University for students whose papers are accepted and whose home programs are not able to subsidize their travel. However, we are uncertain as to the extent and availability of funding at this time. Information about availability of funding and how to apply will be sent to those whose proposals are accepted for the program.