The 2014 BSHS Postgraduate Conference is seeking individual papers and sessions for the upcoming conference at the University of Leeds on 8-10 January 2014.

We welcome proposals both for papers from individuals and for sessions. For individual papers, please send your name, university affiliation, paper title, 5-6 key words, and an abstract (no more than 300 words) to:

[email protected]

(any messages sent to the old address [email protected] will still be dealt with)

We would also appreciate it if you could indicate whether or not you would be prepared to chair a session (not a very difficult job, mostly involving time keeping and being smiley).

When proposing a session, please collect all of the required information above, and the abstracts for each of the papers (no more than four papers in a panel) into a single document, and include an abstract for the session itself, explaining its aims and value.

We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage submissions from the philosophy of science, or better still, papers that manage to do a little bit of both!

 The deadline for submission is 5pm on Friday 8th of November, with registration opening soon after. Registration will close on Friday 7th of December.

One last point, in order to be eligible for the Butler-Eyles travel grant, applicants will also need to be members of the BSHS. The society encourages that members join both from the UK and internationally.

For further details, see the conference page.